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Mainnet Launch - End of Q2 2024

Stability & Transparency for the Future of Crypto

Infinity is blockchain infrastructure built for permissionless lending, borrowing and trading of digital assets for institutions and traders of all backgrounds
Infinity Exchange Trading Interface
Lend & Borrow Crypto

Lend & Borrow

Interest rates enable investors to better manage their cash flows and plan for the future. In doing so, rates play a critical role in stabilising the broader financial markets.

Infinity’s rate setting and trading mechanics are modelled after the TradFi interbank lending market but upgraded for the demands of today’s digital world. Floating rates are updated every minute providing on-demand liquidity, with Fixed rates offered across multiple maturity dates.

Infinity is the most robust platform for digital assets.
Released as of Q4 2023 on Testnet v2

Trade the Curve

Infinity’s Yield Curves articulates in the most precise detail the pricing, state of, and direction of the crypto economy.

Unlike other protocols where rates are arbitrary and based on deterministic or inefficient models, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure both Floating and Fixed Rates are market-driven and based on the principles of Finance, and in particular, non-arbitrage pricing.

Combining the capital efficiency you would expect in Traditional Finance, with the ability to trade freely between Floating and Fixed Rates, and from one currency to another, Infinity is the definitive crypto rates trading platform.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Complex Collateral

Infinity provides financing on a handful of more complex interest-bearing tokens. Today, these include the following where the underlying is linked to USDC, USDT, DAI, WBTC, or ETH:

• Aave’s aTokens
• Compound’s cTokens
• Lido’s stETH

This opens up a whole host of new relative value and arbitrage trades unlocking billions of TVL across some of DeFi’s largest protocols.

Building the Future of DeFi

An exciting and groundbreaking roadmap ahead...
Q4 2022
Testnet Launched

Integration complete. Broader user testing & security audits to start.

Get familiar with the docs, watch our videos, learn how zero-spread interest rate protocol works (think Uniswap v3 but for rates).

Developer docs coming shortly.

Bunch of Small Updates

Introducing Limit Orders, the ability to take Aave and Compound deposit tokens as collateral and enabling interest rate arbitrage between DeFi protocols.

Q1-Q3 2023
Pre-Testnet v2 Release Checks

Fine-tuning and usabilty enhancements to Testnet. Incorporating user feedback and improving overall user experience.

Q4 '23 - Q2 '24
Testnet v2 Release (November)

Reskinning of the platform UI in conjunction with our brand identity refresh including an all new logo, colors, typography and more. Introduction of our Advanced Trading UI.

Introducing the Yield Curve

Release of fixed rate markets covering tenors from 1-day to 1-year, enabling yield curve trading and introducing the first DeFi protocol to enable interoperability between a floating and fixed rate market.

Further Enhancements

Release of arbitrage bots and other automated rates trading tools to enable open-sourced market making bots (scheduled to drop post-fixed rate Testnet release).

Pre-Mainnet Launch Checks

Fine-tuning and usabilty improvements to the product. Incorporating user feedback and improving overall user experience. Completing smart contract audits, performance and security checks.

Q3 2024
Mainnet Launch (ETA: ~End of Q3)

Deployment of Floating Rate product on Ethereum Mainnet.

Infinity Token to be floated shortly thereafter.

Spot/Futures Testing

With the Yield Curve on Testnet, we will be closing the gap between futures implied rates and cash rates markets with the introduction of Spot and Futures markets.

Yield Curve Launch

Launch Yield Curve with short-dated (1-7) day maturities/markets first and extending as appropriate.

Our Investors

Backed by the best
Infinity Exchange Brings More Traditional Fixed Income Approach to DeFi

Internet Financial System: Infinity Exchange And Beyond

When we combine expert knowledge from TradFi with an intimate understanding of blockchains, we can better tackle the institutional shortcomings of the current financial services industry. Infinity holds the core tenets of the IFS central to its product roadmap, which include transparency, efficiency, and scalability...
Chris Burniske via Placeholder VC
Apr 23, 2023
Infinity Exchange Brings More Traditional Fixed Income Approach to DeFi

Nomura's Laser Digital invests in DeFi protocol Infinity Exchange

Laser Digital, the crypto subsidiary of Japanese financial services giant Nomura, invests in Infinity Exchange, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol for institutional lending and borrowing.
via The Block
Feb 15, 2023
Infinity Exchange Brings More Traditional Fixed Income Approach to DeFi

Nomura’s Crypto Arm Invests in DeFi Lending Protocol Infinity

Nomura Holdings Inc.’s digital asset arm Laser Digital is investing in Infinity, a decentralized finance protocol for institutional lending and borrowing. Infinity’s protocol gives firms a basis for benchmark interest rates, lending, borrowing and risk management in decentralized finance, the companies said in a joint statement.
via Bloomberg
Feb 15, 2023

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