Institutional Money Markets

Unprecedented capital efficiency for traders, yield farmers, and real-money investors.

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One Rate

Ahead of the Curve.

It's very simple. There's a Floating Interest Rate and you can both Lend and Borrow at it*.

We modeled our protocol after the institutional TradFi markets, and in particular, the interbank lending market.

In these markets, the principal amount for both parties is matched (i.e. operates at 100% utilisation) enabling us to provide a single rate - we call it a "reference rate" or a "floating rate", that both Lenders and Borrowers subscribe to.

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*Subject to fees

Yield Curve

  (eta Dec 2022)

Time to trade.

After the Floating Rate Market has been established, we’ll be releasing the rest of yield curve starting first with the short-end and extending it further as demand dictates. 

The yield curve provides stability to investors  enabling you to lock in longer-term fixed-rate yields for both lending and borrowing. 

Integrated fully with the Floating Rate, we expect the Yield Curve to be a barometer of health for stablecoins and especially the broader DeFi industry. 

Complex Collateral

Arbitrage Made Easy.

(Note: This is a bit deep, check out the 'Learn More' for a primer)

For a yield curve or rates protocol to be interoperable within a financial system, it must fully encompass Floating Rates, Fixed Rates, and comprehensive Credit Risk Management. For the first time across both CeFi and DeFi, Infinity has all three.

With $20bln+ in TVL sitting around DeFi (and far more in TradFi waiting to be tokenized), Infinity will provide financing against these instruments, building incredible depth around a yield curve and ultimately, driving interest rates to their risk-neutral (i.e. appropriately priced) levels. 

We’re literally creating arbitrage. Take advantage of it.

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