Release Notes

Last Update: 11 Oct 2022

We welcome all thoughts and feedback. Please reach out to us on:

• Discord:

• Twitter:

Note: There are no bug bounties available yet at this time. We have however, had a few folks reach out with some meaningful suggestions/issues and are marking down addresses for a potential retroactive airdrop. Thanks in advance for those that have invested time in getting familiar with us and our protocol.

General Notes:

• Aave: To implement recursive trading between Aave and Infinity we have to spin up an Aave V2 instance on the Goerli testnet. We're using V2 vs V3 because that's what's currently 'live' on Ethereum and so for consistency, we're we'd like to run V2 vs Infinity.

• Uniswap: We can take some limited Uniswap LP NFTs as collateral - still a bit clunky but should be up and working smoothly soon


11 Oct 2022
• We've had to fork Aave and put it up on Goerli. We're about finished our internal testing and will update you accordingly when it's ready.

23 Sep 2022
• Compound Collateral support is now 'Live'. Head over to Compound on the Goerli Testnet, mint some tokens (e.g. USDC), deposit the tokens in Compound (where you'll get a cToken as a representation), and then bring your cTokens over to Infinity. Works like a charm.- general tune-ups all around otherwise

14 Sep 2022
• Touched up the mobile layout, still a few kinks and some polishing needed- metamask connect doesn't work on mobile, need to go through wallet connect > metamask

9 Sep 2022
• Improved Portfolio/History page layouts

• Added more UI embellishments to streamline the UX

• Added a DV01 column to show risk in advance of fixed rate rollout

• Cash positions showing on 'Portfolio' page

• Position/Trade Blotter showing on each of the Markets/LP-Pages

1 Sep 2022
• Bug: Portfolio LP Positions not denoted as Lend vs Borrow

31 Aug 2022

• Updated the Cash Balance page to track transfers- UI/UX enhancements

24 Aug 2022

• Fixed various UI bugs

22 Aug 2022
• Deployed to Goerli Testnet, Issues with Aave V2, V3 Goerli - Still Testing

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