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[Deprecated] How to get Compound cTokens from Goerli testnet

Nov 1, 2023

[This article is outdated as of the release of Testnet v2 on 1st November 2023]

1. Connect to with goerli testnet 

  • You also need some testnet ETH for gas fee
  • Get some testing USDC or DAI from compound finance faucet (In this walkthrough we will use DAI)

Get Test ETH

To access the Goerli testnet, first create an account on Alchemy:

  • From the dashboard, click “View Details” next to “Demo App” on Goerli network

Click “Get Test ETH” on the right

Click “Sign Up for Free”, you should be redirected and logged in with alchemy automatically

Copy and paste your testnet address from Metamask to receive ETH on Goerli

Get Test ERC20 tokens (DAI, USDC)

Visit and connect to Goerli Network

Click DAI or USDC under Supply Markets, click WITHDRAW tab, then click FAUCET

Confirm transaction in Metamask, wait for block confirmation and you will receive 100 tokens

Supply your DAI or USDC to related market

Now, you should have 100 equivalent of cTokens, Congrats!

Go to Infinity >> Dashboard, and you should have some cDAI tokens, called T_cDAI

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