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Infinity Testnet v2: A Quickstart Guide to Lend & Borrow Crypto (Dec 2023)

Jul 3, 2024

Note that some of the UI may have been updated slightly since the time this article was published


Before getting started, you'll need some general familiarity with Metamask to run this walk-through. If you don't know how Metamask works please click here.

Step 1: Get Sepolia Testnet ETH

Infinity Exchange is deployed on the Sepolia Testnet (Previously on Goerli - learn more here). While you can browse through Infinity Exchange's Testnet App and click through the protocol, you'll need some ETH or more specifically 'Sepolia ETH' on the Sepolia Testnet in order to receive test tokens to trade.

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up to an account for free via the link
  3. Once signed up, enter/copy your wallet address and click the 'Send Me ETH' button. You should see 0.5 Sepolia ETH hit your metamask wallet in a few minutes.

Step 2: Launch Infinity Exchange's Testnet App

Go to and click the 'Launch Testnet App' button or go directly here.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Prior to connecting your wallet, you're free to browse around the Lending and Borrowing markets and trading interface. We'll have more in-depth walkthroughs/descriptions of these various sections in the future.

To connect your wallet, click on 'Connect Wallet' at the top right of the header to get started and ensure that you connect to the Sepolia Network (Metamask will have this test network available by default so no setup is required).

Click ' Connect Wallet' at the top right of the header

Step 4: Obtain Test Tokens from the Faucet

Once you've successfully connected your wallet, navigate to the Accounts page from 'My Portfolio' at the top right of the header. Click on the 'Faucet' link under the respective token you would like to trade. (The Sepolia ETH you acquired in Step 1 enables you to pay gas fees in order to receive the test tokens.)

Accounts Page (

Review the details of the transfer and click ' Confirm Transfer'.

You will then be asked to confirm the transfer in Metamask like in the following screenshot. Once you click 'Confirm', the transfer may take a few seconds - please be patient.

Metamask Transfer Confirm Modal

Once the transfer goes through, you will be presented with the following confirmation modal. It may take a few seconds or so for the test tokens to reflect under your wallet.

Step 5: Transfer test tokens from your Wallet to your Infinity Current Account

Next, use the transfer form on the Accounts page to transfer test tokens to your Infinity Current Account.

Transfer ETH from your Wallet to Current Account

After reviewing and confirming your transfer in the modal, you'll go through a series of approvals and confirmations on Metamask.

Once successful, you'll see a confirmation below:

It may take a few seconds for the tokens to reflect correctly in the respective 'Your Wallet" and "Current Account" columns

Step 6: Transfer test tokens from your Infinity Current Account to your Infinity Trading Account

Next, use the transfer form on the Accounts page to transfer test tokens from your Infinity Current Account to your Infinity Trading Account.

This transfer should be quite instant and you should see a confirmation like below when successful:

You are now all set to start lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies on Infinity Exchange.

Step 7: Start Lending and Borrow

Visit the Trade Page. Use the Order Form to submit an instruction to start lending and borrowing! Look out for more in-depth articles and content diving deeper in to the nuances of our lending and borrowing protocol in the coming future! This is just the beginning - Stay tuned!

Infinity uses TradingView technology to display trading data on charts. TradingView is a charting platform for traders and investors, loved and visited by millions of users worldwide. It offers state-of-the-art charting tools and a space where people driven by markets can track important upcoming events in the Economic Calendar.

We're extremely excited to share our Testnet experience with you. If you have any enquiries, feel free to reach out to our team at or if you have feedback to share, please visit our Discord Community here. In the meantime, here are a few resources to help you:

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