Infinity Testnet: A Step-By-Step Walkthrough to Lend & Borrow

Jun 9, 2023

We're excited to share our Testnet experience with you. It's been a year in development and this is but a preview of what's to come.

Handy Resources: 

Note that some of the UI may have been updated slightly since the time this article was written


Step 1: Get Testnet ETH

You'll need some general familiarity with Metamask to run this walk-through. If you don't know how Metamask works please Click here. Our Testnet experience is deployed on the Goerli Testnet. While you can browse the site, and click through the protocol, if you'd like to interact with it further, you'll need some ETH or 'GoerliETH' on the Goerli Testnet. Two steps here:

i) Get an Alchemy Account: Go to Set up a free account (you don't need your credit card).

ii) Get your ETH: Go to, enter in your wallet address, and get your ETH

If there are other/easier ways to get Test ETH, pls let us know

Now that you have some ETH, let's get to it...

Step 2: Go to our landing page and hit 'Try it on Testnet'

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Prior to connecting your wallet, you're free to browse around the Lending and Borrowing markets, as well as the Liquidity Providing options on Infinity. We'll have more in-depth walkthroughs/descriptions of these various sections in the future.

When ready, go to the top-right, and hit 'Connect Wallet'

Step 4: Get Some Test Tokens

The GoerliETH you acquired in Step 1 enables you to pay gas fees on Goerli but it's a miniscule amount. If you're like most people, you wouldn't naturally have a ton of tokens on Goerli. Fret not. For the Test environment, we have created 5 new tokens prefixed by "T_" that you may use to interact with our protocol. Head on over to the T_USDC market and let's get you some free T_USDC.

On the right-side you'll see the words 'FAUCET'. Click here to get 100 USDC equivalent of tokens. Your Metamask should pop up and you'll need to Confirm this.

Once you've hit Confirm on Metamask, it'll take about 30 seconds for these proceeds to be credited to your wallet. Feel free to use the Faucet as many times as you'd like, and go to other T_Token markets like T_USDT, or T_ETH to get some of those tokens as well.

Step 5: The Infinity Ecosystem

Infinity is a multi-product protocol and it's best to think of it like an ecosystem. To access this ecosystem, you'll need to first transfer tokens into Infinity (to your 'Current Account'), and from here, you'll then need to transfer it onward (i.e. to a 'Trading Account') depending on what it is you'd like to do. We have an option to skip the 'Current Account' and transfer directly to the 'Trading Account' but we'll discuss that in another article.

Step 6: Transferring T_Tokens into Infinity

Head over to the Dashboard at the top-right, to see your Cash Positions within your wallet, vs within Infinity.

Select the token you'd like to transfer into Infinity at the top, and hit 'Transfer': 

You should see a pop-up/notification as follows below - please read it, and be sure to not 'refresh' your browser during this process otherwise the transfer may fail.

Once this transfer has been performed, it will take 10-15 blocks (around 2-3 mins) for the Tokens to be seen in your Current Account. If you don't see the tokens in your wallet you may need to 'Import the Tokens' here: 

The Tokens for convenience are:  (just take/accept the default # of decimal places)

  • T_WETH: 0x19eeD346C9BAD83345B44AD72523EA7037C7417C
  • T_USDT: 0xd06D78e2EDdbaB2747349FA2945D9A61A7415De3
  • T_USDC: 0xd5596c3b9f8E52c8061bF8Dc7F6708Ea7d4d5E1b
  • T_DAI: 0x9f80eE7917Bd3d2E32DE822cC01D72dfEB597123
  • T_WBTC: 0x84Bf11A0D65cC4F386E393f5b71Bbdf17c9956AA

Step 7: Transfer Tokens to a Trading Account

Once you see the tokens in your Current Account, transfer them to a Trading Account. Now, you can Lend and Borrow as you like.

Step 8: Lend or Borrow

Head on over to T_USDC again, Lend those 100 T_USDC, and you're done! 

Have any further questions, hit us up on Discord, or read the docs here:

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