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Bringing bleeding-edge technologies and ideas to reality

At the intersection of Finance and Blockchains, we come across a number of issues that limit both our ability to scale, as well as the community’s vision to challenge the TradFi status quo. Infinity Labs invests in, and collaborates with external teams to pilot projects that turn these issues into opportunities.
**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER**: The projects listed below are of an experimental nature, and as such, may not be audited, battle-tested, and/or generally production-ready. Infinity assumes no responsibility or obligation in respect of any losses that may occur from interacting with any projects listed on this page.
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This is our inaugural product seeded in concert with Labs. The thesis is that:
• MEV poses a considerable systemic threat to the scaling of blockchains affecting us (and many others) during periods of volatility
• Ethereum Gas is the single most volatile instrument in crypto affecting millions of centralised and decentralised players, from retail to large institutional buyers.
• There are $10-20mm in Ethereum gas payments made daily, and with ~$3-10bln in annual demand, gas is effectively one of the top 10 largest assets in crypto, albeit, non-tradable until now.
The Result:
• Stage 1: Making energy tradable brings volatility and unpredictability to MEV players. Enables millions of participants to hedge, trade, speculate on the very fabric that powers blockchains.
• Stage 2: Create synthetic physical gas so that protocols and autonomous actors can directly store and hedge the price of gas on a funded basis. Enables hedgers to use the more stable, synthetic physical gas as a replacement for and the primary form of payment over physical gas via account abstraction.

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